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There are many factors that contribute to making Cyprus an advantageous environment for doing business:

Cyprus offers a range of tax and other advantages:

Corporate Tax

All companies are subject to a uniform tax rate of 12.5%, the lowest corporate tax rate in the European Union. Moreover, various tax exemptions apply for corporate tax such as:

  • Exemptions in respect of dividends received from other companies•Exemption in respect of interest income under special conditions
  • Favourable tax treatment of losses
  • No tax on profits earned from permanent establishments abroad under certain conditions
  • No tax on capital gains derived from the disposal of securities
  • No tax on profits from company reorganisations
  • Tax relief of foreign tax paid

Other Advantages

  • Pro- business government
  • Strategic EU and eurozone location
  • Easy market access to Europe, Middle East and CIS Countries
  • Low corporate tax (12.5%)
  • Extensive network of 62 double taxation treaties
  • Social and economic stability
  • Renowned international shipping and financial centre• Broad network of legal, accounting and banking services• Advanced telecommunications network
  • Highly educated, qualified and multilingual workforce• Easy access to decision makers
  • Enviable quality of life with a low crime rate



16 Stasikratous, 1065,
Nicosia, Cyprus

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Tel: +357 22 45 60 56
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